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Attractions in Baltimore

If you want to see a breath taking view of Baltimore and The Inner Harbor, you need to visit Top of the World. It is within walking distance of the Baltimore Aquarium, and you can ride the elevator to the observation deck located on the 27th floor. Make sure you take your camera because you will have the opportunity to take in some stunning views.

A popular attraction in the Inner Harbor and near the Baltimore Aquarium is the Maryland Science Center. This center is such an educational experience, and you can participate in numerous hands on and interactive exhibits. You will see amazing displays in the world of science and technology. The museum includes an IMAX Theater, a Planetarium and laser shows. The observatory contains a telescope where you can view planets and stars. You can also dig for dinosaur bones or see combustible reactions.

The last ship in the Civil War to stay afloat is located near the Baltimore Aquarium. The USS Constellation was restored and placed in the Harbor in 1999. You can take a self-guided tour and hear about the components of each portion of the ship. The boat even contains a program for children. Kids can become educated on what it was like on the ship during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

The Inner Harbor is also home to various other historic ships. The Maritime Museum contains three more ships that are located near the Baltimore Aquarium. You can visit the USCGC Taney, the USS Torsk or the Chesapeake. The USS Torsk is a submarine and the Chesapeake is a lightship. All of the ships possess fascinating stories and offer an interesting peek into what it was like to be in the service during the 20th century.

Located a short taxi ride from the Baltimore Aquarium is Fort McHenry. The Fort is the site where Francis Scott Key wrote the remarkable song that became the nation's National Anthem. During the War if 1812, British invaders were defeated by the defenders of the fort; therefore, words were written about "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave." While visiting the famous fort, you can learn about its intriguing history. A group of individuals re-enact the events that took place on the site, and you can enjoy the beautiful grounds on the waterfront.

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